The Grumpy Free Market Apologist

Yes thatís me. Its the only freaking reason I *cling* to the Republican party. (you know, like guns and religion) . . . other than the religion of economics, Iím pretty much have nothing in common with the party of G.W. Its about now Iím ready to seek out Ron Paul and his Libertarian buddies (yes, I know he is actually in the Republican party, but I believe Paul is just doing some recon work before going back) but than again, the dude is way too much of social conservative for me anyways.

So this $1trillion bailout has me torn to pieces. Being against the bailout seems to be the most bi-partisan thing to happen during this election year. So there is Krugman on the left putting in his two cents. And bunch of really old white guys from red states I really donít ever plan to visit conspiring to stage a revolt against GW.

Here is basically how I look at it (donít scream at me, I know Iím super simplifying what is actually happening). The Republicans is gonna take my money (through a combination of taxes I already paid and mostly through general interest rate increases) and give it to irresponsible banks run by employees making (and made) 10x more than I do in exchange for bunch of over-valued assets. And then the Democrats is gonna turn around take my money too and use it to help pay off the monthly mortgage payments of bunch of dumbass flippers who never paid enough attention in college to learned how to calculate net present value.

I hate them both. My sense of justice canít take this country any more.

Yes, I know that the worst thing that can happen is for the bailout to NOT get passed, in which case it will probably hit my pockets books even more. But I do have the RIGHT to be a little pissed off. Why canít we just revoke the citizenship of these people that are not contributing positively to the GDP and send them off to Australia or something? (didnt the brits used to do that?). Let them try to flip worthless huts in the middle of the Great Victorian Desert instead (the bankers can spend their days ďstructuringĒ credit default swaps denominated in camel dungs).

Man Iím pissed. Gonna go short me some financials & treasuries just to have something to root against.